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HoneyBook – A Great Business Management Tool

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Digital Agency | 0 comments

HoneyBook is great for small businesses and entreprenuers!

After 12 years working for 2 of the biggest companies in the tech space (Microsoft & Facebook), I have formed this digital agency and spent considerable time researching ways to manage my business. There’s no shortage of companies to choose from and once you click the Like button on one, you get barraged by them.

For the first year of our company we used HubSpot. This was a pleasure but an expensive pleasure. At first you’re lured in with their “free” version and even their “starter” at about $50/mo. Though this is very common, I found myself facing some very expensive upgrades to unlock the features I really needed. And once you’ve begun with a system you weigh the trouble of migration against just biting the bullet and paying. I did this. It put a burden on my small business, but I decided at the time that my time was valuable and opted not to find the time to make a change.

Along came HoneyBook. A colleague of mine casually mentioned it to me and I took a minute to check them out. What a surprise! It has all the features I was using with HubSpot and a whole new collections of things I’ve now adopted. It has caused a positive evolution of my process and given me some inspiration to formalize some things I hadn’t thought of.

The version of HubSpot I was using was going to cost me $3,600 per year. HoneyBook came in at 10% of that price! I couldn’t believe it.

My interaction with HubSpot changed that day. I pleaded with them to help my small business and let me out of my contract or at least provide some kind of help, but alas, they held me to the contract. That’s fair. It sucks, but it’s fair.

There are a lot of options for business management systems and HoneyBook may not be right for some, but it’s right for my business and it’s the one I recommend to my clients.The support staff is friendly and responsive. The knowledge base and video tutorials are great!

Here’s a link to HoneyBook. Check them out for yourself. If you have any questions about it and how my company uses it, please feel free to contact us. I’ve been asked to be a part of their business education program. Through this, I can get you a 50% discount on their already reasonable pricing.


Click this link to HoneyBook and get a discount on your first year!

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