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Social Media Posting with Publer


We have helped many clients with websites and the subject of using social media to promote is always the logical next step.

No matter what your specific strategy is, you need to post to social media.  Most business owners lack the time needed to post on a regular schedule and our solution for this is to use a social media posting system that allows you to create and schedule a series of post when you do have the time.

Our favorite is Publer (  There are many reasons we like Publer and we’ll get into those next:

It’s Easy

We alway say a website should be an online brochure and not a research project.  Publer is as easy to use as we could hope.  The setup is straight forward and not cryptic.  It’s simple to set up your account, your company team and connect all your social media channels.

It’s affordable

The price is right.  We are a small business ourselves and there are a lot of choices for internet based services.  So many are geared toward large companies and make it difficult for small businesses to compete.  Publer is priced affordably!

It’s convenient

We have had a great time setting up our posts and scheduling them out over the coming weeks.  Our schedules are very busy and we love the convenience of setting up the entire month’s posts in one day!

You can set up a team

Each department head in our agency logs in and creates posts for our company as a team.  This takes a middle step out of our process and empowers our creative team to post when they feel inspired.

Our social media team will introduce you to Publer when we set up your project.

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If you would like to discuss using Publer for your website, please contact us and we’ll help you get started!