Bringing more visitors to your website takes some effort and expertise. Appearing on page one of a Google search is complex.

I would like to introduce you to our SEO expert, Sam Bretzmann. We have been working with Sam on numerous projects and we are confident he can help you understand what your options are, what they cost and what to expect. So without further ado…


“Hi! I’m Sam. I’ve worked with Dave and the team at Build A Website Better on many projects and we’ve had great success in helping clients drive more business to their new websites.

Here’s something crazy. Every day google handles over 5 billion searches. That means that every day, people are searching for exactly what you are offering. And we help position your site to be in front of those people at the very moment they are making that search.

The right visibility at the right time leads to more business.

We’ve streamlined our process and now want to offer it to you. We’ll tailor an SEO strategy for your business and help you understand what’s involved with doing SEO the right way. We won’t waste your time or money. We’re honest, upfront, and hardworking. We also offer a 3 month trial program that can get you started allow you to try us out at an affordable rate. We’re excited to help grow your business.”


If you’re interested in how we can bring more visitors to your website, let’s set up a 30 minute call: