The Career Musician – Using the Internet to Build A Better Business

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Get your internet game together

It’s not enough just to be good at what you do.   You have to promote yourself.  This does not come naturally to most people and thats why there are so many books to read on this subject.

I have had the great pleasure to watch someone for whom promotion DOES come naturally.  I was witness to an amazing thing!

My first career was in music.  I was born into a musical family – my dad was a Grammy-Nominated composer and Jingle Writer.  I was introduced to the business of music early on.  I wasn’t taught how to do the business part, instead, I took all kinds of private lessons on honing my craft be become a professional drummer.

Getting work wasn’t easy.  It took a lot of effort and in hindsight, I wasted a lot of time doing things that didn’t make a difference.

Then I had the good fortune to befriend a guitarist (who later bacame the best man at my wedding) who moved to Los Angeles and immediately began to work!

Impossible! I said.  Nobody does this!

Well it turns out it was not impossible.   It just took the right mindset, the right technique and of course, talent.

The man I’m writing about is Michael “Nomad” Ripoll.  He’s had an extremely successful career in music, having played with the greatest artists in modern music, and is now imparting his knowledge and techniques to young, aspiring musicians. (And drummers haha)

But this is a website for web design you might say.  What does this have to do with that?

I’ll tell you.  It doesn’t matter what your specific business is, there are universal skills and techniques that can be applied to achieve success that you can learn from Nomad.

I invite you to visit The Career Musician and see what I mean.  He has a wonderful workshop called The Career Musician Training Series: DAY JOB to DREAM JOB

I am confident you will enjoy the culture of The Career Musician and there is a very bright light in it’s host, Nomad.